ACT Pokie Clubs Want Relaxed Regulations

Clubs ACT advocates on behalf of pokie club owners in the Australian Capital Territory. Just as the organization is winding down from its campaign against mandatory pre-commitment reform, Clubs ACT has taken up yet another cause. This time, the group is fighting to defend pokie clubs on a local scale.

According to representatives of Clubs ACT, Canberra’s gaming and liquor laws do not promote competition among club owners. As a result, revenue at pokie clubs is on the decline. To counteract this downward spiral, Clubs ACT has proposed a number of recommendations to increase competition in the market.

Firstly, Clubs ACT has requested that the local government relax its policies on lease variations. Club and pub owners have been restricted from expanding and diversifying their venues, so gaming clubs are unable to cater to patrons’ changing tastes and needs. Relaxing these regulations would allow pubs and clubs to offer a wider range of entertainment options to patrons.

The organization has also requested rebates for liquor fees. Currently, liquor licensing fees are on the rise in Canberra while other states are reducing their fees. The rebate policy would provide discounts to clubs that have not had any alcohol-related incidents.

Finally, Clubs ACT has requested the Doors with Scores rating program be trialled rather than being implemented immediately. This would give pubs the chance to determine whether or not scoring the quality of their food will benefit their business.