Aussie poker champ off to Las Vegas

While there a plenty of gambling venues in Australia ready to challenge the abilities and back Bone of the country’s greatest poker players, there is no doubt that the best players thirst for the chance to head to Sin city and let the Americans know what’s what. That is exactly what the ambitious young poker player Clint Ennis has managed to achieve. Now Ennis is poised to play in Las Vegas where the World Tournament of Poker was established, where the game was popularized and where the world’s best players go to play and stand in the city that gambling built as champions.

Clint Ennis has been making his name in the Australian poker circuit for more than seven years, honing his craft meticulously in the RSL in Pialba and in Harvey’s Bar & Bistro in Urangan. He stood out amongst the other players who recognize that the game is a as much about skill as it is luck. His ability to unite these two elements led him to win third place during the state of Mcakay’s largest and most popular poker tournament. The 37 year-old won his place amongst the champion on a hand of two kings, which as any poker player could tell you, is a bold and risky move.

Ennis plans to take his trip to Vegas in early June, taking time to ready himself for his big American debut and win big at the tables. Clint was always aware that he had the talent and skill required to be an accomplished poker player but he had no clue that his hard work would take him across the pacific and to Sin City. While taking some time to bask in his glory and sharpen his skills with a few more friendly games at Al’s Vegas Spectacular in Mackay, Clint the card sharp expressed his elation and surprise at just how far his card playing skills had taken him.