High-rollers wooed at Adelaide Casino

In a bid to add a bit of high risk class to a popular Adelaide Casino the owners are opening themselves up to international high-rollers, looking to take in the comfort and wonders surrounding of the popular seaside vacation hot spot. This looks like a move designed to maximize profits ahead of a proposed expansion. To draw in these high-rollers, primarily from Asian countries the owners have decided to rollout the proverbial red-carpet in the form of luxury and fine dining in the casino’s popular restaurant. This was after the casino had seen a significant improvement in its market share from the last year growing in profitability by 18.7 per cent to $A103.6m.

This upswing is meant to be spurred on by the new efforts of the casino as they venture to encourage wealthy Asian gamblers to visit the casino and make it a part of the usual trial of impressive casino popular amongst the opulent gamblers. The owners believe that one of the reasons for their popularity is their successful and well respected restaurants which are head by very well respected chefs by the names of Sean Connolly, and Madame Hanoi. The restaurants were added after years of sluggish growth which has led the owners to give them credit for the new found profitability.

This new confidence is refreshing for the owners of the casino as well as for the surrounding business that are sure to gain a marginal uptick in notoriety as the bigger names in the world of gambling come pouring in bring their name recognition, international, and fellow travelers with them. And this boost would be a helpful boon as Local gaming revenue has seen a 4 % drop over the past year. The $300m expansion is now in its advanced stages thank to the effort being approved by the Development Assessment Commission on January 22.