Hume Introduces New Pokie Legislation

Across Australia, local politicians are searching for new ways to make the poker machine market safer for players. They are encouraging operators to be more responsible in order to reduce problem gambling rates, and the ACT suburb of Hume has presented some effective strategies.

These new provisions were decided on as a result of intensive investigation. Hume lawmakers took into consideration gaming studies, public opinion and reports from public health services in order to determine the best course of action.

Politicians in Hume want to cut down on the number of poker machines in the city, so they are enforcing stricter rules. If any pokie club or pub wants to add new machines, they will have to undergo a review. If the addition of the games is considered to be harmful, the request will be denied.

Additionally, the city will no longer accept proposals for new gaming venues. It seems as though the local politicians feel that there are enough pokies and clubs in the city, and they do not want to see any more added. They would like to introduce other forms of entertainment, that do not rely on gambling revenue.