IGT Launches House MD Pokies at Double Down Casino

Online pokies are a popular pastime for all types of gamers, offering them the excitement of visiting a local casino without ever having to leave their own home. Now, players can obtain the same exciting experience without even having to spend money. Social casino games provide players with gambling activities that cost nothing to play, and IGT is getting involved in this popular new market.

Normally, social pokies and other social casino games are designed by companies that are not necessarily well-versed in the real-money gambling market. Since IGT has decided to get involved in social gaming, we have seen some innovative new additions to this unique online gaming field – the most recent of which is House MD pokies.

This month, IGT’s new House MD pokies game will hit Double Down Casino, one of the most popular social casinos in the Facebook App Market. The game brings players all of the mystery and intrigue that they encountered while watching the popular medical drama – except now they’re directly involved in the action.

As is the case with most pokies, the aim of the game is to earn as much money as possible while spinning the game’s reels. With the new House MD pokie, players can solve medical mysteries in the game’s bonus rounds, accessing unique content that would thrill any fan of the television series.

You can play House MD at Double Down Casino on Facebook. The game has yet to be launched at any real-money online gambling websites.