New South Park Pokies On The Way

Net Entertainment has announced the release of a new online pokie based on the popular and controversial South Park cartoon series. The company has released a teaser of the gameplay, and will be releasing the title by year’s end.

Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, we reckon that you will enjoy this game. The game features characters and memorable scenes from the series, as well as a number of inside jokes that will appeal to South Park viewers. For players that do not often watch the show, the pokie is packed full of generous and unique bonuses for you to enjoy.

There are four unique bonus rounds based on the four main characters: Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan. Kyle and Stan offer free spins games with multipliers and extra wild symbols. Cartman’s bonus is a hunt for hippies, offering up generous prize for each hippie your find. Kenny’s bonus requires you to cross the street without getting run over. Every successful step you take provides you with prizes.

There are also several on-screen bonuses, in which recurring characters offer prizes. For example, Terrance & Phillip and Mr Hanky all appear on the screen to turn symbols wild. The Beef Cake bonus sees a beefed-up Cartman turn entire reels wild.