Pokie Reforms Introduced in New Zealand

In New Zealand, local politicians have decided to introduce new poker machine reforms. There has been plenty of concern regarding the responsibility of pokie club owners and the recent misappropriation of pokie grants. These reforms have been introduced to correct these issues.

Firstly, the amount of money that pokie operators must donate has been increased. Currently, they must donate 37% in pokie grants, and the amount has been increased to 40%. The Department of Internal Affairs would like to see the percentage increase an additional 5% in coming years, and believes that each additional percent will generate an additional $7 million for charity.

Regarding pokie grants, the new reforms will make the application process more transparent. It seems that many gaming trusts have been getting away with misappropriating pokie grant money, and more transparency will prevent that from happening.

Now, clubs and operators will face suspension if they are found to be in violation of any pokie regulations. Previously, clubs only had to pay fines; now, they will risk losing their pokie licenses. On other hand, responsible clubs will be awarded perks, such as extended gaming licenses.