SkyCity Adelaide Gets 500 New Pokies

Skycity Adelaide will be receiving a major upgrade to its facilities. The casino operator has struck a deal with the South Australian government, providing it with an extension on its license and an additional 500 pokies.

The casino operator negotiated with South Australian politicians to allow for renovations to its Adelaide casino location. SkyCity aims to attract high roller gamblers from Asia, and plans to do so with hundreds of new pokies, a luxury hotel and reasonable tax rate for VIP players. Additionally, the casino will install a TiTo (ticket-in ticket-out) system, which allows for cashless gambling on electronic gaming machines.

SkyCity has also received an extension on its exclusivity agreement in Adelaide. So, until 2035, no other casino operators will be allowed to build facilities in the city.

“Luxury VIP facilities are vital to attracting high-end Asian, particularly Chinese tourists”, says SkyCity Nigel Morrison. “Our development will help South Australia attract a greater share of this lucrative and growing market.”

This deal is very similar to SkyCity’s Auckland convention centre deal. The casino operator received an extension on its gambling license and 240 new pokies. The deal was protested by thousands of Kiwis, but South Australian residents do not seem to be phased.