Are Social Slot Games Harmless?

We all of have a pretty substantial amount of time invested in diverting our collective attention, So when it comes to gambling apps there has to be the question of how do we use these in our lives and how we look at the gambling that goes on with our phones or tablets. Recently, researchers have found that it might be worthwhile to investigate whether or not there is a risk in online slot games especially when it comes to smart phone games and those on social media platforms.

According to one Sally Gainsbury who is a senior lecturer on the subject there is more information required to understand the full effect that the digital slot machines have on the brain and on behaviour in general. Once the study begins Gainsbury hopes to ascertain precisely what sort of risk such games pose to the public and avid players. The researcher said “New technology has revolutionised how Australians engage in lots of different types of activities, particularly with online technology – one new development is the emergence of social casino games, which are free play games on platforms such as Facebook and mobile apps that resemble gambling activities, but they are actually free to start play and they don’t pay out any more,”.

Additionally, and surprisingly Dr Gainsbury notes that “As these aren’t classified as gambling, they are freely available to anyone and the concern might be that these might normalise gambling, or might encourage people to start gambling for real money. This is why there are so many concerns with what exactly might happen if people approach this sort of gambling and how it might affect the way that they live. We have all seen how social technology has changed the world, but at what cost?