The Greens Propose $1 Pokie Limit Trial In Tasmania

The Greens have spent the past several years working hard to impose $1 betting limits on all poker machines across the country. Although the federal government has chosen to roll out mandatory pre-commitment instead, The Greens continue make their case for $1 pokie limits. This week, the group has announced that they would like to trial the technology in Tasmania.

Tasmania has one of the highest gambling expenditures in Australia, as residents lose more than $200 million every year on the games. As such, The Greens feel that this is the ideal location for a trial of $1 betting limits, as it would provide an accurate summary of how the system would affect problem gambling rates.

Installing the technology necessary to limit players spending would cost Tasmania $11 million. Considering that players spend over ten times that amount on pokie wagers, it would be a relatively small investment for the Tasmanian gambling market.

The Greens will make their case for the $1 betting limit trial at the upcoming budget sitting session. Representatives from the group will work hard to obtain the support of Labour and The Liberals.