The Torrens Footbridge Is To Remain Open During Casino Upgrade

With a fluctuating economy, all sorts of businesses are rushing to find ways to make more money and serve more patrons, and the casinos in Australia are no different. This is why one of the most opulent casinos in Adelaide is expanding and looking to increase foot traffic as quickly as possible. These sorts of establishments run on a constant flow of customers, however, and a decrease in the amount of people who come through the door and spend and play their money away could end up being very costly at the end of the day. This is why the people at the Oval Casino have decided to keep a popular footpath while renovations are made.

Keeping the popular Adelaide Oval foot bridge open is seen as the right idea by many in the area and by most in the industry as it is not only a popular destination amongst gamblers, it is also a popular place for a walk amongst the residents of the area, as it offers a spectacular view of the casino. As the casino and plaza are being developed and built to be even more attractive the place will remain safe and accessible while still offering casino patrons and others free reign to the nearby precinct. It has become evident to the owners and developers that any obstruction would be more trouble than it’s worth.

Officials in charge of the construction remarked “At such time as I have a detailed project plan for the construction works and that I am able to advise the impact on that thoroughfare … I will make that information available,” when asked if the bridge would have to be shut down at a later date. This sentiment proves that they have very little desire to shut down the bridge in the future if it can be avoided during construction.