Top Pokies Providers

The poker machine market is full of a wide range of developers, each with great ideas for what makes a high quality pokies game. However, there are some companies that have emerged as leaders in the field, creating some of the best pokies to be released in casinos and clubs around the world.

Aristocrat is well-known pokies provider that has a long history in the market. The company has been around for the past 50 years, creating some of the earliest poker machines seen in Australia. Since then, the company has expanded to other markets around the world and has even ventured into online and mobile gambling.

Aristocrat pokies are known for their unique themes and numerous paylines. Games like 50 Dragons and 50 Lions are some of the company’s most successful games, as they present players with dozens of ways to win with just a single spin of the reel. Games like Kitty Glitter and 5 Dragons may also sound familiar as they are games that are found at just about every casino across Australia and around the world.

International Games Technology is another poker machine provider that is well-known in the market. The company has recently made a vast expansion into the online gambling and social gambling markets, making it one of the more innovative poker machine providers in the market today.

IGT is well-known for its innovative approach to poker machine design. Plenty of the company’s games present something unique and never-seen-before in both the online and land-based gaming markets. For example, Monopoly Plus features an innovative Level Up feature, which allows players to accumulate bonuses without losing their progress when they logoff. The company also designs Reel Power games, which do not have any paylines. Instead, players wager on the entire game board, opening up more than 1000 ways to win each time they spin the reels.

WMS is another poker machine provider that you will likely discover in local casinos and gambling venues. Originally based in the United States, the company recently made its move to the Australian gambling market. WMS got its start in 1943, designing pinball machines, before moving on to creating video slots in the 1980s. Since then, the company has created a wide range of highly popular online and land-based poker machines for players to enjoy.

Some of WMS’ most popular games are I-Play titles, which provide players with an interactive gaming environment. Games based on popular movies like The Princess Bride and Airplane! are included in this category, presenting players with the chance to feel fully-engaged while taking part in these titles. WMS is also well-known for its impressive jackpot network. The company operates both local and wide-area progressive jackpots, providing players with the potential to win generous cash prizes.