Two New Online Pokies from World Match

Discerning gamers across the world are immersing themselves in Arena de Toros HD, a thrilling 5×3 20-line slot offering the ultimate virtual bullfighting experience. The game is one of two new World Match HD games setting gamer’s hearts racing as we speak, with SuperHeroes also receiving similar levels of praise. Both games are HTML5 offerings that are available across a range of platforms.

Arena de Toros gives players the chance to defeat a bull in order to win the love of a beautiful bailora or flamenco dancer. Players can boost their winnings via a bonus game and enjoy extra thrills via an array of free spins, wilds and stacked wilds.

SuperHeroes is a 5×4 offering that offers wilds and free spins alongside a minigame where players can fit the faces of characters together by spinning the reels successfully, therefore enjoying further payouts. World Match plan to use HTML for all their future desktop games as well as versions built for the iOS and Android operating systems.

World Match executive director Andrea Boratto said: “Native technology allows us to provide slots with highly detailed graphics and best animations, but has a basic weakness, since the access to each Apple Store is permitted only to the operators who hold a licence for that specific country. HTML5, on the other hand, is the ideal platform for the development of mobile games and it helps those who operates in a number of markets to cope with this restriction. Our aim is to give the customers the chance to make always the right choice, according to their target and the markets they address.”

World Match has been designing online gaming solutions since way back in 2003. It was the first GPP to be authorised by an EU country and has a gaming suite consisting of more than 100 slot machines, a vast range of table games and numerous video poker services.