Victorians Want More Pokie Club Restrictions

Last year, the Victorian government enacted a ban on cash machines in pokie clubs. Since November 2012, pokie players have been unable to withdraw cash from ATMs in gaming venues, which resulted in a decline for gambling losses in the state. While the results have been positive thus far, local residents believe that more could be done.

At the moment, players can still chose to withdraw cash from POS systems. There is a $200 limit per transaction but players can make unlimited transactions. Since some problem gamblers continue to take advantage of this loophole, Victorian residents wish to see pokie venues also place restrictions on EFTPOS withdrawals.

Since the ATM ban was enacted, gambling spending has significantly dropped. Pokie players spend $90 less when they visit hotels and $43 less when they visit clubs – but restricting EFTPOS withdrawals could help to save gamblers even more money.

The Victorian government has recognized this shortfall, and will consider limiting the number of EFTPOS withdrawals that a single player can make. Further action may be taken, and we will keep you updated as the situation develops.